Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Babies and boats

Since making my decision to forego school, I've been at peace. And I seem to be getting more accomplished - or at least I feel like it since I don't have a huge spectre of schoolwork hanging over me.

This morning I survived the usual chaos of getting Natalie and Murray out the door while jiggling Sam, who was being a fuss. Then I stood at the window watching them drive away and Sam fell asleep in my arms - heavenly. His little hands, which are just learning to clutch me, were clinging to my shirt and his soft head was resting on my chest. In moments like that I don't care that I'm unbathed and still wearing my prego yoga pants: it's just Good.

I've since successfully laid him down (that means he stayed asleep), cleaned the kitchen and sat down at the computer with a second cup of coffee (decaf). I'm also folding laundry while I wait for pages to load. That's as multitasking as I get. Natty and I are going to a neighbor's for tea after school and then she has ballet class. She's the smallest one in class - can you imagine me, "Skyscraper," having a petite child? But I remember when Sue Kindred and I were the same size. Then I shot up and didn't stop growing for a long time. So maybe she will too. Sam is growing so fast you can almost see it. He got his 2 month shots yesterday - yikes, they give a lot at a time! Next time I'll find out how many and ask, as Teal recommended, that we space them out a bit. Such a little body to deal with all that stuff. He's getting Tylenol around the clock and seems to be fine.

We're still interested in the 1704 house. Murray warned me that, if we buy it, before we close he wants me to sign a contract that I will not whine about the cold. Whine about cold?
We're doing all kinds of research, including talking to others who live in old houses and a wonderful woman said to me yesterday, "Living in an old house is for people who value atmosphere over comfort." What a great way to put it. Now, are we those people? Sometimes yes, sometimes no. Murray describes it as the wooden boat of houses - romantic and beautiful but a lot of work. At least it's not the concrete boat of houses - what would that be? Ugly, but functional?

I know I'm missing photos on the blog - Murray keeps the Mac at work now and it has all our photos. So we'll get it home and I'll load some on soon.

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