Thursday, March 25, 2010


First tricycle ride! March 20

Nice sharing.

In Boston Chinatown, loving chopsticks

Making Way for Ducklings in the Boston CommonSam's famous "All Done!" sign

First Vespa ride for the kids - thanks Sters!
A little Buttner boat
Making his father proud

Thursday, March 18, 2010

4 small posts in one

Sam enjoying his flight

It has been a busy month so far, and it's only half over. I haven't posted because I simply don't have the time and/or brain energy. However, I do often think of snippets of a post as I'm going through my day (and then promptly forget most of them). It's my way of processing the bad and enjoying the good.

So here are a few:

Sam gets a bath after most poopy diapers; for some reason he's hard to get clean (perhaps because he's fighting me tooth and nail?). It works well for him: he loves baths. But the other day I was in a rush and carried him (kicking and shrieking) to the bath without the time to run the water, etc, etc. So I just pulled off his socks and rinsed the affected parts with the shower nozzle. I then whisked him out and took him to the couch in the next room to dry him off.
Well. He was FURIOUS at being shortchanged like that. He wiggled his way down from my lap and stomped back to the bathroom (believe me, you can stomp while you're crawling - or at least Sam can), his tiny white butt flapping in the breeze. He got to the tub, pulled himself up with a triumphant, determined squeal and tried to climb back in. One leg up - can't reach - other leg - hmmm, no luck there either. Back to the first one. I was howling.
He tries to climb in the tub pretty often actually, but this was the funniest setup ever. I keep seeing that angry little butt flouncing across the room.

I caught him lolling in the sunshine in the upstairs hall. He'd crawled to his room, gotten Lambie through the bars of the crib, and carried it to the patch of sunshine on the rug, where he was blissfully sucking his thumb and chilling out. He giggled and giggled when I found him there.

Boston at the beginning of the month was very fun - although less relaxing for Murray who was there for a CME conference than for the rest of us. We stayed at the 4 Seasons which Natty found quite lovely. In fact, she wants to live there. It felt like how I imagine a cruise would. We got up, went to the pool, met Murray for lunch, walked around a bit, went back to the pool, and had dinner. The dark side is that no matter how nice the hotel, it's still sleeping in a room with your 2 children.

Then we went on a long weekend to Bermuda: fabulous! And we timed it just right to miss the mega-storm that came through New England. We had one day of stormy wind and rain, then a day of glorious sunshine, followed by a day of windy sunshine. It was a nostalgia trip for the Buttners. We stayed at the hotel they used to stay at during the Newport-Bermuda sailing race every summer for years so they all had lots of memories.

Here we are in Murray and my room. This picture was taken the morning we flew home and I realized I didn't have any photos of the room. And precious few of us at all. Click, click, click.

The hotel is beautiful, elegant, comfortable - everything one would wish for. It's also being bought out. We felt like we were living in a book about the end of an era. There were very few people there (Murray theorized that everyone left when our horde descended, but that's quite unfair) and we wandered around this classic tropical hotel, built into a cliff over a pink sand beach, marveling at it. While eating superb food and drinking Dark and Stormies, of course.

Sam at the beach!

He was sitting here by the sand castle when the next wave came up and swamped him. He did not like that. Not one bit.

Here he is after I came and rescued him. I carried him up to bed immediately after this picture was taken and he fell asleep on the way there. Next beach experience will be better.