Monday, April 13, 2009

White Easter

We had a great Easter. After church, we went over to Carole and Murray's to meet up with everyone and some of us went to see the 2 baby pygmy goats that will be arriving when they're old enough - very cute! 
We all had a very nice dinner together at The Woodstock Inn. Unfortunately, there was a pre-dinner panic because Pumpkin, one of the daschounds, went missing (in the house? or possibly outside? That was the issue). A segment of the party stayed with Marmee and Papa to search and Phoebe saved the day by finding her in the attic. Dinner then progressed with the giddy joy that near disaster brings. Sam was an angel, to my great relief. He slept through the whole thing.  
No, we didn't have a post-Easter snow storm. I'm trotting out the photos we took back during winter, when it was OK to have snow.

This was Nattie's last ski of the year, Sam's first ever. We were at Carole and Murray's to enjoy the light a bit longer, their house being on a hill and ours in a valley. It was a beautiful sunset but the wind was bone-chilling. We didn't stay out much longer.

This is one of her first ski adventures - she's getting very solid on skis and enjoys it.

Note the dress over the snowpants. 

These next 3 pictures were taken when the Buttner clan came to meet Sam. He made it outside that day, nestled under my coat. But we didn't stay out long - he was only 2 days old!

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  1. I love the fact that Natty is wearing a dress to ski! Such a girly-girl!