Tuesday, May 1, 2012

It's been so long

I appreciate the encouragement to keep this blog going. I do love keeping in touch with people this way but life priorities shifted and the blog got left in the dust.
Now it's time to pick it up and brush it off - see what I can glean and share from my life. And in doing so the goal is to be in closer touch with you my friends, old and new, as well.

My wild and crazy girl, hamming it up at a party
Natty and Sam are well - growing up amazing. Sam was insisting last night that he was bigger than Natty and almost as big as me. But he's not. He's still my little man. Natty is chugging away through 2nd grade. She's learning a lot about math, reading and all that, but the real lessons this year have been more on the social front. Her struggles with friends, and questions about how to handle relationships have been hard for me to watch and healthy to engage in.
Sam with his best girl, Hattie

We've finally taken the sledgehammer to the walls and are well into our kitchen remodel. It's going to be great when it's finished.

And now the children are up, the day is beginning  and I'm going to post this now or it will never get done!