Thursday, April 9, 2009


Here's some long awaited photos - Starting with the stars:

Natty still loves Sam passionately and he loves her back - he smiles the most (and cries the most) for her squeaky voice and little face shoved right into his.

We LOVED having Aunty Lelia visit.

He's a smiley little kid! 

Dinner with the Boston Buttners - Soo Jin is Natalie's hero

And an update on the real estate search - we got into a offer/counteroffer flurry this week and ultimately did not want to pay what the owners wanted for the house. We're both fine with it. On to the next one!

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  1. Om my goodness your boy is a cutie! You know I wouldn't just say that, he really is beautiful!

    Can't wait to see you in July,