Friday, August 5, 2011

A few pictures from our time in Alaska

These are some of the pictures I texted to Murray to keep him in touch with what we were up to. 

Natty with a view back Eagle River Valley (where I grew up). This was taken on a Thursday Kids' Hike. 

 Sam and Svea chillin' at the Byer's Lake Cabin on the 4th of July. 

 The Birthday Pinata at the Byer's Lake Cabin 

Another Kids' Hike - Bear Mountain in Peter's Creek, looking towards Anchorage

 Watching the Bear Paw Festival Parade in Eagle River - and eating the candy they caught!

Midway on the Ski Hill in Cordova

Our "Bicycle Built for 8" in Portland - the 4 adults are not on it yet, but we did all fit.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

6 weeks later

6 weeks from the marathon, a week after getting home. This morning I finally struggled out the door to run - motivated by my grumpy mood, bulging stomach and the 1/2 of a chocolate bar I ate last night (of course, it was good, dark organic chocolate, but still, it had plenty of calories).

I won't lie -- it was miserable starting out. But there was an undercurrent of feeling Right so I clung to that and kept the feet moving.

A spiral of thoughts circled: 1) I feel awful - how could I get so out of shape in just 6 weeks?  2) Summer mornings in Pomfret are the most beautiful moments. Either Murray or I should be exercising every morning at 6 am from Mother's Day to Halloween just to enjoy this perfect time of day. 3) I really needed to do this. I'm going to keep running 3-4 times a week, and add in yoga the days I don't run. I'll feel so much better if I do that. 1) I feel awful.  Etc.

It was shocking how I struggled through what used to be my short, easy run. But just when I was heading up backstretch hills and toying with the thought of walking I glanced at my watch and saw I was running <10 min miles! I can still run, my legs/lungs/heart do work and I'm not a total lump of fat. Those numbers gave me the boost to get up the last hills and into our driveway. I think I've caught myself before total deterioration set in and I don't plan on letting myself go just yet.

I appreciate that it has been mostly positive motivation to get me moving. I was a more pleasant, serene and energetic person when I was exercising regularly and I missed all that. The negative motivations are mostly weight related - I bought a dress when I was in marathon form and it isn't looking as good on me now (which kills me).

No matter what got me out, I'm happy I went out today. I feel better for it and ate Murray's delicious pancakes without guilt when I got back home.