Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Gimme heat!

I love being warm so the past weekend's heat wave was OK with me. It was like a surreal, warm vacation. I was working, which makes me feel disconnected from the world anyway; like being at sea, in my own little boat. Then the sunshine added a cruise flair to it - heat wilts Murray so there was much more lounging about the house than is usual for us.
I would come home in the morning and nap with Sam while Murray took Natty on an adventure (walking to Marmee and Papa's, swimming in the creek, etc). About 1, I'd stagger downstairs, water my garden and hang out in the sunshine. 
On Saturday we all fell asleep again at about 4 pm. I slept until the pizza delivery guy came - what total indulgence. (Natty was SO excited that she and Daddy had devised this great surprise for me she didn't want to let me come downstairs when I awoke. And when I came down anyway, she tried to restrict me to one room - no rhyme or reason to it, just in the spirit of The Surprise. Quirky little girl).
On Sunday Lucy Green (friend from Murray's youth who's also become mine - lucky me!)and her daughter Tazie serendipitously connected with us and we all went wading/swimming in our creek. I didn't have a camera for the actual swim, but here's the girls after the hose-off on the lawn. 

I mentioned my garden - well, here we are, planting some seeds! I call myself an "aspiring gardener." One problem with moving every 2 yrs is that it's difficult to put in and reap the benefits of a garden. Especially since we've lived in some challenging places to garden (a sailboat, Cordova - you get the picture). But things grow here like wildfire - I saw amazing gardens when we arrived last summer. I figure even though we're renting, I might as well do a garden for the practice. And it gives Natty and me a fun project to do together outside. 
Murray doesn't have quite the fondness for hot weather I do, and perhaps Sam is more like his dad than I. He spends the sunny days in the shade, covering up. He's gotten so big! He's rolling over and grabbing at things. He thinks that handsome baby in the mirror is the best thing since fresh milk. He's just a joy to hang out with.

Tuesdays are Murray's day off and this Tuesday it was over 90! That was hot, even for me. We tried to go on a walk I thought would be shady - and in the summer it will be - but it's too early for the foliage to be filled in yet. So we roasted. Natty, in the background, has taken off the bodice of her dress (she has a camisole underneath) because she was too hot. And finally as we were trying to cajole her along she just turned around and said, "You guys can keep walking. I'm too hot and I'm going home." and home she marched.

Home is good.

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  1. OH, the pic of Murray & Sam is HILARIOUS!! They have both wilted!