Friday, April 10, 2009

Food blog

I had a day that was so filled with nice things it was almost decadent. First, I woke up without the headache/aching joints/fever that had put me to bed at 7 pm the night before. I made poached eggs on toast for all of us, which is one of our favorite breakfasts. (Murray introduced me to it and, like many things he's introduced me to, it's a winner.)

 Then the kids and I had a lovely walk with a friend from work and Natty got to play at a playground. (As soon as I learn how to import pictures from Snapfish I'll import some of the pictures she took.) 

I had a hair appointment next and there was a bit of a panic when I realized that Natty's school/daycare was closed for Good Friday, but Murray offered to take Natty while I got my hair and brows done. Carole had Sam so I had an hour+ without anyone else! 

When I got everyone collected and we got home I put Natty in front of a movie (a ploy which later backfired on me as she gets grumpy after too many movies and this was (gulp!) her second one that day (the first being Nemo at Murray's office - but she only watched half of it - does that make it any better?)) while I decorated cupcakes. And ignored my children until Murray came home to a wreck of a house, grumpy kids and a Nigella-esque wife (beautiful from the salon visit, covered in green frosting and chocolate - what's not to love?!?). I don't know if he saw it quite the same way. 

Here's a picture of Sam's first ride in his Johnny Jump Up from Ama. He's really too young yet but will grow into it fast. 

And here are the cupcakes. 
I'll admit it - I read food blogs. (you can tell by the photos - I've got the tight focus thing down) Specifically, I read one (Chez Pim) when I have time. She is a real Foodie so I live vicariously through her. Me, who served leftover lamb stew for dinner the last 2 nights, made from a lamb roast cooked the day previous to the first lamb stew night. I am very lucky Murray doesn't mind leftovers. (don't get me wrong - it was good lamb stew! No shame there). 

However, my food tendencies these days are towards culinary humor. Although, since my sense of humor is odd I'm sure my culinary humor is as well. Anyway, I made these cupcakes for our church's Eggstravaganza tomorrow. I realize that this is what mothers do, and I will be making many more batches of cupcakes/cookies/bake sale items, but it's still new and entertaining for me. I thought they were funny - as funny as Natalie's birthday cake and along similar lines. They're just a simple white cake recipe (with flower sprinkles in them - since they are for kids) with a quickie buttercream frosting. The roses I bought at a cake store - love that Pink! And the birds nests are melted bittersweet chocolate with coconut filled with Cadbury's dark chocolate eggs. The nests are reminiscent of similar nests I made last Easter, including a big one for the crazy chocolate chicken! Very good memories of Easter with Ama, Grandpa Greg, Christi Sobel and her mom in our little house in London. 


  1. Those look GREAT!! Great shots too!! Oh, yum, I want one!!

  2. the pics are great...
    amazing how fast your little guy is getting big!

  3. Love the latest additions! The food blog pictures are perfect (and look delicious). check out for my favorite.

    It was so great to see you guys yesterday. I am still thinking about how sure-footed you were on those slippery rocks! I hope the drive home wasn't too painful and everybody wasn't too tired for easter today.

    see you soon!