Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Bare Feet

The flowers are popping out! The trees are budding! Natty can run around in bare feet!

Note: Bare feet in this picnic with the pansies. 
Last weekend was lovely; warm and mostly sunny. We walked to Carole and Murray's through the Audoubon land both days.

They are on a trip and we used their kitchen because our propane went out on Friday. (And I called the wrong number for the propane company all day. I figured out my mistake at 4:30 pm and then the correct number was busy. I finally got through to an answering machine at 5:30 pm - No stove for the weekend). Thankfully I had roasted 2 chickens the night before so didn't actually have to cook much. And it's amazing what one can do with a electric griddle and toaster oven. But I digress. The point was that we had some fun outdoor time. 

 Sam snuggles down happily in the Baby Bjorn for our walks.

Natty started out strong. She's a good walker, but we have to get in shape if she's going to keep up with her Alaska cousins! They're amazing.

This is the final field heading up to the Buttners and we had pity on our wilting rose. It's overcast in this picture, but was warm enough that she was comfortable in her little sun dress.
This is the flowering tree in the secret garden. I can't capture the gorgeous perfume, but it is Spring!
Since then we've had a few chilly, rainy days. But every day there are more flowers - tiny violets carpeting the grass, violently yellow forsythia bushes. Gorgeous pink trees, white trees, hyacinths, acres of daffodils and the early tulip or 2. Natty is in heaven and I'm pretty close. 

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