Monday, October 19, 2009

Sam's back, faster than ever

Saturday while Murray went to work, I put Natty in front of a movie and took Sam upstairs to hang out while I took a shower. My bathroom still doesn't have shelving so I tucked the box of toiletries, etc out of the way, but left a few things I didn't think he could damage/could damage him unsecured. Then I placed him (freshly dressed in a cute, clean outfit) on his bum with some toys and popped into the shower. I heard innocuous clicks and rattles, as he knocked his toys around and then, just as I was shampooing my hair I heard something that tipped my "mommy alert" antennae. I still don't know what I heard - just a new click, but that's enough to warrant a check. I poked my head out the curtain and.....

There was Sam, smiling up at me from a pool of Scope. The half full bottle had been on my list of "undamagables" because it has a locking lid but, unfortunately, it hadn't been tightened with the last use. Oh my! I hop out, throw a towel down and strip Sammy and hop back into the shower with him. Oops, forgot to take off the diaper. Pull that off and "Oh my! Poop!" Thankfully the garbage is right outside the shower so it was easy to toss. And, with access to running water and soap, mess gets cleaned up quickly.

Back out to wrap Sam up in the remaining dry towel, reach across the hall to get one for me, and start really cleaning up the Scope. At this point my nose started bleeding (leaning down, after a hot shower - for me that's a guaranteed way to start one). Scope, poop and now blood - I'm just laughing at this point. And wondering," what's next!?!" I mentally run through potential catastrophes, hoping to at least get dressed before the next one hits.

Natalie, the angel, was still contentedly watching her movie when we both made it back downstairs.

Honestly, no matter what craziness happens, any day I get a shower is a Good Day in my book so I'm not complaining. And boy, does my bathroom smell minty fresh!

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