Monday, October 5, 2009

Our little man

Sam smiling

Sam sleeping

He loves to sleep and this is how he always looks. There's no nursing/rocking/soothing to sleep; he doesn't need it. Instead I lay him down, he grabs his soft lamb tiny blanket and pulls it over his face with his left thumb in his mouth. Then I put his blue monkey quilt over him and it's "lights out."

Not only is putting him down easy but, on quiet mornings as I'm pottering around the house, I hear him cooing, gurgling and chattering to himself when he wakes up. And when I get there, I'm greeted by a glorious, joyful grin (and usually a poopy diaper).

Of course, sometimes there are bloodcurdling shrieks or heart-wrenching sobs too - and then I race upstairs to rescue him (although I am one of those practical moms who knows that "if he's crying, he's breathing" which takes a certain edge off the panicky urge to run to him).

Otherwise....he loves being outside - he watches the trees go by instead of sleeping in the stroller. He makes this funny "grustly bear" growl/grunt noise that cracks us all up. (Natty named it - not sure where she got "grustly" but it stuck). He's not quite crawling, but commando crawls at a good clip. And tolerates Natty's maulings well - it's good training for life I guess. He's growing like a weed and is a kick in the pants - Lucky us, to have such a star!


  1. I love your Natty and Sam, they are such great kids! You and Murray are so blessed!!

  2. Yay! First of all, I love all left thumb suckers, though you may have to bribe him in 6th grade with getting his ears pierced in order to get him to stop...

    Secondly, I'm glad the monkey blanket is getting some use!