Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Happy Halloween

Halloween was a hoot! Guess what Natalie was?
No huge surprise there, aye?

She was also a cowgirl for a birthday party the week before:

Sam was a cowboy, but I don't have any pictures - classic second child syndrome. (I'll be getting some from Grandma Mimi and will post them then). Murray took them trick or treating in Putnam Friday night, then more trick or treating on the actual night of Halloween. We also got quite a few little trick or treaters here at the house which was fun. All the Pomfret School faculty kids that wait at our bus stop came by.

My step-sister and her husband came for the weekend, to join my dad and stepmom who have been here a little over a week. We had a fun Halloween dinner with friends and family - and I found out that I really can't comfortably seat more than 8 (but we did anyway). I indulged in some kitchen kitsch Halloween food and figured out how to make an Apple-tini (Quite delicious in spite of (or because of?) the lurid green color).

We've had a great visit with Dad and Connie. Here's one picture of Sam and Grandpa, watching the work on the barn.
And just some fun, crazy, round the house kind of shots.

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