Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Natalie Rides and Sam Speaks

.....kind of. Last Thursday we decided that his, "Ma, ma, ma, ma" really was directed at me, so I get to claim his first word as "Mama," especially since Natty's first word was definitely "Da-da."

But the really fun "word" came Friday morning as Murray was making pancakes and Sam started yelling for, "Bwea(d)." I don't know how to write it like he says it, but it seems pretty clear that he was calling the pancakes "bread" and wanting more.

OK, so I realize that we're the usual over-enthusuastic parents, but that's one of the perks of having a baby.

A down-side is having a sick, fussy and snotty little guy. He's pretty miserable. Theoretically, I'm a firm advocate that a fever isn't something you treat (below dangerous levels, of course), but he's so unhappy we've been hitting the medicine cabinet pretty regularly. I can only handle so much of his unhappiness. I think it's a combination of teething and the cold we've all had. Not fun. He's getting through it, but he's definitely not back to himself yet.

With all the FB pictures of snow, I just have to mention that Autumn is still thriving in NE CT. Yesterday was crisp and sunny - the perfect day for Natalie's first ride on her bike, by herself!

We were all going nuts in the house (I was trying to get stuff done - what a mistake that is), Sam was fussing and Natty was harassing us both, so when my friend called that they were going bike riding at Pomfret School (the boarding school across the street with beautiful grounds) I jumped at the chance to join her. I bundled Sam up like a snow bunny and put him on Murray's bike and walked along, making Natty figure it out. It was quite a challenge to my patience, but she got better and better. The boys we were joining are good bikers - no training wheels or anything, so it was good for her to see them.

She now can ride semi-competently (with training wheels). I feel like she's been slow about learning to bike, which is our fault mostly. But she didn't/couldn't do the peddling motion for the longest time and still really struggles with steering. We're going again today, even if we have to ride in the rain, so she gets more practice in. She was so proud of herself and had a good time. "Today is the best day of my life!" was her comment. Hurrah for Natalie!

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