Thursday, June 3, 2010

Strawberry fields forever

Sam and I went strawberry picking yesterday - first day of the season at Buell's Orchard! We got the email courtesy of Rebecca and knew we just had to fit it in. Unfortunately, they close at noon, so going after kindergarten couldn't happen. I would have to go while Natty was at school. This was a little sad for 2 reasons: 1) Natty would love to go.  2) I'd have to fit it in between Sam's nap and when she arrives home from school. 

There is a trick to getting stuff done with children. Some people (the organized, and/or energetic ones) excel at this. I have gotten better and better but still find it easier to go without most things than motivate to get the kid/kids in the car - with my wallet, keys and sundry necessities and in enough time to make our "must-do" appointments. 

Must-Do: be at the house at 11:20 to meet Natalie's bus. This is crucial and I worry excessively about missing it. "What if's" abound in my mind. I don't perform well under time pressure. Once I left my purse in the cart in the parking lot of TJ Maxx, worried about rushing back to meet the bus. I've forgotten crucial groceries as I zip through the store. Best not to push it. 

Strawberries though? On a sunny morning when it's supposed to rain for the next 3 days, then we're out of town, etc, etc? There are moments you simply must rise to. 

Thankfully, Sam woke up at quarter to 10 and we were in the car and moving by 10. When we arrived, I was so glad we had come. There weren't many people there, the sunshine was perfect and the strawberries were amazing. Big, red, sweet and warm from the sun. Strawberry fiend Sam loved it. He was on my back in the Ergo and hung out happily while I picked for a scant 20 min and filled 4 pint boxes + a little extra. 

In addition to the sweet, sweet strawberries, I had fun memories of last year, when I came to the same field with Natty, then 4, and Sam who was just 5 months old. Juggling the baby on the front and the 4 year old was hilarious. Remembering what joy Natty got and what a great little picker she is, I resolved to bring her back as soon as I can. Or we'll come peach picking - I spotted the fuzzy green peaches on the trees. And ultimately, we got our strawberries and got home in time to pick up Natty. (No more phone calls from Phil the bus driver via the school office!)

Berries in the field - beautiful

Berries in my basket - delicious

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