Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Cheery ramblings

Like everyone who spends time on the internet, I get sucked into blog-reading. I read the blogs I like, then link to the blogs they like, and on it goes.

So here's something I've discovered - or rather re-discovered. I like positive people. I feel better, lighter and more able to take on the world when I read up-beat things. Even though there's a corner of my heart that's rolling its eyes, the rest of me is sitting up straighter.

It's like having inspirational quotes tacked around the house. Which I used to think was impossibly cheesy, but I swallowed my pride and resolved to hang some months ago. Murray even printed a pile out for me for Christmas - how sweet! (Obviously, the first one needs to be about the evils of procrastination. I'll get on that tomorrow).

Another side effect of these cheery, friendly blogs is that they make me want to be more of that kind of friend. I know I'm not usually a ray of sunshine. I'm more the friend you vent with/to. Because I know how to vent, baby. Which is valuable and important and, please, don't hold back next time we talk! But I want people to walk away feeling empowered after we've chatted. So constructive venting is the order of the day.

Most of my current blogs are related to mommy, food and decorating issues. Here is a link to the funniest mommy post I've read so far. The decorating ones are new for me. I started reading them when we bought the house in order to get my head into the game. Not that I'll ever be Susy Q. Homemaker, but it is helpful to read people who are waaaay into it and have all kinds of lovely ideas (and are also positive, cheery folks - why are home decorators so chirpy? It's good energy for me though. I know it is).

And now, I must go get my World Cup fix for the night.

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