Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Welcome and Unwelcome Guests

Well, my due date was Jan 23. Here it is Jan 27 and I'm still pregnant. But that's not really a surprise - more of a disappointment. 
The baby is healthy and doing fine. On Thursday we'll see if my cervix is favorable to have my water ruptured which is as "induce-able" as I am since I've had a previous c-section. If it's not favorable, I have a c-section scheduled for Monday. And if we rupture my water and I don't go into labor, I'll have one sooner. So, our son would be the first welcome guest, but my mom arrived yesterday afternoon and she is a very welcome guest indeed! Natty was giddy with excitement and I'm pretty thrilled too.
I'm at the "Get this kid OUT" stage of pregnancy. I've lost all perspective and good humor (much to Murray and Natalie's dismay). Which leads me to the UNwelcome guests we have had: Lice. Natty and I got them. I was (am?) hysterical and overwhelmed. Many of the Internet info sites about these "nuisances" caution parents not to panic or get upset, but that didn't stop me. The washer and dryer have been going nonstop for days. Most of our clothes are in plastic bags outside. My hair is now thinner and much more damaged than it has ever been before due to the metal "Nitcomb" and the products I've used.
I've treated both of us with a variety of products and thought that I had them eradicated quite early on in the "7-10 day" window you have to wait before the second killer shampoo treatment. But yesterday afternoon (Day 9 - after I did the second treatment on Day 8 because I couldn't wait any longer  - and my mother (!) was coming to visit), waiting at the airport for my mom, I found a little guy in Natty's hair. I thought I could do the "Freak out on the inside, look calm on the outside" thing well, but that moment really tested it. I didn't want to look like a momma gorilla combing through her baby's hair, but AAAAARGH! Needless to say, when my mom came out the gate I was so upset she thought I was in labor. I should be so lucky. 
Murray says the only thing worse than a post-dates pregnant woman is a post-dates pregnant woman with lice. He would know. 
I have the usual end of pregnancy itching which is terribly exacerbated by the psychological itching and I'm a mess. Hence this blog. The itching woke me up and my out-of-control mind won't let me go back to sleep. So I figured I might as well get something done. 
We'll keep you all posted on the baby news.


  1. I remember having lice as a child, and I'm starting to itch thinking about it. Apparently I gave them to my grandmother too, for which she still hasn't forgiven me.

    I'll do a dilation dance for you now!

  2. oh what a crazy time!!! just thinking of them makes me itch. *scratching head now*
    hope that your little guy decides to make an entrance for you before monday!!
    sounds like you are doing well... except for the unwelcome visitors!! tell your mom I said hi! :) dawn

  3. Oh Jen, I can soooo co-misserate (sp?) about over due babies. It's not my favorite as the little kids say. I suggest putting the "phone on do not disturb" mode. That would have been great.... ya, woulda been great. Lice, eeuuuww icky! Have you heard the story of fleas when I was preggers W/ C? Makes me itch to think about it. You're in my prayers. Happy Baby. Love ya, Jody

  4. Eeuuw! We got to go through the lice thing this past summer. I was trying to go to sleep on one of many stressed out nights when I felt a little tickle on my neck. Ya, okay, the head itching has begun for me now too. Ugh, I hope you've got them under control now, just what you needed! I'm so sorry.
    Good luck getting that little boy out where you can see him. I'll be praying for you.
    Love you!