Thursday, January 29, 2009

Still pregnant!

It's the 29th now - I'm more post-dates than I was with Natty! Crazy. Thankfully, things have mellowed out for me and I've lost the "cat in a light socket" feeling I had when I was writing my last blog. I had a good visit with my OB today and feel good about where I'm at. 

When I gave my doula the update from the last visit she gently reminded me that the amniotic fluid can be low due to dehydration - was I drinking enough? No, I haven't been, I've been too busy freaking out to drink water. So I started pushing fluids and, glory be, I itch much less, sleep better and my amniotic fluid level was great on the ultrasound today. 

It also helps that Mom is taking on the lion's share of Natty care and there's been no more sign of the unwelcome visitors who shall not be named. Oh, and I made steak au poivre for dinner with the Buttners and mom the other night and we had a great time eating too much and chatting. That's the first visitors we've had at our new rental and it was fun to throw a dinner party of sorts. (and yes, I did have a bit of vino - excellent for relaxation).

Details about the visit today - my cervix is already favorable for rupturing membranes to induce labor so we won't schedule a c-section. But I opted to hold off for now: I'd really like to go into labor on my own. I have seen too many long, challenging inductions to think they're an easy out. So, everyone is happy to wait a bit longer. I do love my OB - she's patient with me and very nice about all my vacillations, questions and concerns.  

Thanks to everyone for their support - we'll keep you updated!

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