Friday, December 26, 2008

Birthday Girl

Close-up view of the cake - can you get more pink princessey?
Getting ready to blow out the candles.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all. We had a great Christmas and birthday, but missed the AK family and friends. Next year? We are incredibly blessed to have such fantastic families and friends - near and far. 

Here are some pictures of Natalie and her princess cake. She loved it! She did mention that the doll should have a tiara. She's obviously more detail-oriented than I. (I thought the hand-made rose petals were enough). I actually made many more rose petals, intending to decorate the platter with them and forgot them at our house when we went to the Carlisle cousins. Oops. No matter, no one missed them but me. 

The story behind the princess cake with the petal skirt originates in London where we would walk by a bakery with a large princess cake with a skirt made entirely out of petals prominently displayed in the window. Natty loved it and we had to stop and admire her regularly. So that's what she wanted for her birthday cake, but I didn't think I was up to a skirt made entirely out of petals, hence the fondant overskirt. Now that I've done it I know making rose petals isn't that hard, merely tedious. And the crazy cake decorating supplies you can get make it rather fun! Luster powder powder for instance - shimmery rose and silver powder to enhance each petal. I love living in the modern age. Hot running water and non-toxic luster powder for my daughter's cake. Oooo la la!


  1. Jen, that is just the coolest cake. What a blessed little girl Natty is to have such a talented and loving mommy.

    Be well.


  2. Awesome cake!! I am commissioning one next year for my birthday!!

  3. Jenner ! The cake is over-the-top ! And to think that I had you kids decorate your own little doll skirts, when I could be having the fun(course that was another era, I think you were 7 or 8 years old). . .You really need a photo journal of all the cakes - they have all been CREATIONS ! Love, Mom