Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Christmas Spirit

I wrote this at least 10 days ago but didn't publish it. I don't know why. Now I will. And post another with some fun pictures.

We got the tree up and decorated! The house is getting more moved in and there is light at the end of the "pooping on the toilet" misery. We're very, very grateful for these things (and many more). On a sad note, my Uncle David passed away yesterday. My heart is so sad for my cousins who have now lost both parents in 4 months. And my Dad and Aunt Gloria to have lost their brother. 

I've got 95% of my presents mailed off, hurrah! Just a few odds and ends to finish up and I can sit back. We were going to do a Christmas card, but it's looking like we'll put that off until after the baby brother comes and do a baby announcement/Valentine's day card. Simply because we haven't gotten it done yet so it's not likely to happen in this last week.

We're going to NYC for a few fabulous days tomorrow. Murray is taking Natty to the Big Apple Circus - which was the only saving grace for missing her preschool Christmas party. (she was so upset when she found out we'd be gone for it - Big Tears, slowly rolling down cheeks! Broke my heart. Thankfully we'd already planned the circus and reminded her about it so she rallied). Thinking about how stressful last holiday season was, including a trip (or 2) to the City then, I'm in a much, much better space and grateful for it. 

Time to pick up Natty from Preschool and get a holiday haircut for her. 

Natty said, as we were almost finished decorating, "It's even better than I expected!" which is something because she was pretty psyched about the tree from the get-go.  

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