Monday, September 15, 2008

A star is born

Natty has been begging to take ballet classes for awhile and we promised her that when we moved to CT she would go. So last Thursday I saw a dance studio and we went in to check it out. Some 6-7 yr olds were having a class and Natty was entranced. I signed her up right then - both of us were so excited. She told everyone we saw all week about it.

Monday was my "Saturday" so we went and bought her outfit - leotard with skirt, tights and ballet slippers. She was beside herself. Practicing twirls in the store as she tried on the shoes. The sales lady was so sweet which I loved and appreciated. She took Natty's excitement seriously, made it a big deal and made sure she got the right stuff (which I, having never taken ballet except as a PE credit in college where I was an elephant among swans, didn't feel qualified to do).

As soon as we got home she had to put the whole outfit on "so Daddy can see" never mind that Murray wasn't due home for 4 hrs. So she twirled around the house all in a 3 year old flutter until he came and made the obligatory oooohs and aaaaaahs. And they danced together! So cute I could die. Murray took some pictures of the glowing ballerina, but I can't download them since we uploaded the new iLife/iPhoto program. Grrrrr. (I've been tinkering with it all week and no cigar so I thought I'd just post this anyway)

Wednesday was the first day of ballet class. Work is cramping my style a bit - I couldn't come to The First Ballet Class because class starts at 3 and I get off at 3:30. Thankfully Murray could take her there and get her dressed (although I worry about men and tights - there's a trick to getting them on a wriggling little girl. But he is full of surprises and had no trouble). Sadly - shockingly- he wasn't allowed to stay and watch. So he came back to the hospital with the car and I picked her up after she was finished. Which really was fun - a stream of pink tutued little girls came out and there she was in the middle, beaming at me! She showed me what she learned right there in the seating area. We're not talking about it too much but, you know, she's gifted. 

It is really cool that her cousin Sophia is also just starting ballet classes - and just as enthralled. They had a cute Skype call about ballet.

After the ballet class we had another fun event - an informal ultrasound with a CNM I had started my care with (I'm transferring up to a bigger hospital where I can do a trial of labor for a VBAC). We were chatting on the unit that morning and she invited me down to her office for a peek. All is going good - and it's a boy! Any boy name ideas?


  1. Yay! Congratulations on the ballerina and the boy! Can't wait to see you guys in two weeks to celebrate!

  2. What would Sarah Palin name him? There is this website that you can enter a name and it will compute what his Palin name would be. My name is "Speck Backfire". catchy.
    I have always liked the name Dmitry Alexander. No pressure.
    Auntie L

  3. Oh my! I can just see her; pink tutu and all! Can't wait for the pictures.
    How about Nicholas? I'm sure you'll have a jillion suggestions before the little guy arrives.
    My love to you all, Grandma M.

  4. Stoppage Lead here. By all means, use the name generator. It is a blast.