Monday, September 8, 2008


It's Monday morning. We took Murray to work and now are enjoying a Jen style morning. Still in nightie (Natty) with a second cup of coffee (Jen), watching a movie (Natty) and playing on the computer (Jen) - both of us sitting in the morning sun streaming in the window. Aaaah.

I got more done in the mornings when Murray "the morning man" was at home, but I love my peaceful mornings. My family used to call me a grump in the mornings, to which I always replied that I was in a great mood until someone talked to me. Thankfully, I've moved beyond that response. Funny how a husband can knock some rough edges off that sisters can't touch.

Sunday we went to the Corn Maze here in Pomfret. Absolutely hysterical. It is a maze made out of growing corn that covers 7 acres. All the shivery issues of being lost in cornfield - but there's a map and activities to keep kids focused. The Lynrd Skynrd booming out over loudspeakers really was the crowning touch. The Boston Buttners are coming down next weekend and we're all going back. I tried to take some pictures on Murray's phone, but haven't downloaded them yet. I'll add those later. 

We took the above pictures at sunset last night. They are the driveway and barn on the property where we live.

Natty's video is over so it's time to get dressed and face the day. Have a good one.  

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  1. I lost the comment I had previously written, so I will just say Thanks for starting your blog again. I thoroughly enjoyed keeping up on your daily events and life. More later, Love you all, Mary Lea