Friday, September 26, 2008

Life is full and busy - I feel like we've joined the rest of America. We're both working, we drive everywhere and have a kid in preschool/daycare. Honestly, I think I've driven more in the last month than we did in Juneau and Cordova combined. I'd like to cut down on it but I don't see a decrease in our near future. 

We're looking for houses with the highest priority being bikability to work. Unfortunately, while there are many houses for sale, there aren't many close to the hospital that also meet the rest of our criteria. So I've thrown in the towel on the house hunt and tonight Murray directed his laser beam energy on it - we'll have one by the end of the weekend no doubt. Either that or at least another rental. Our one bedroom and minimal kitchen is wearing on me. And if our little cottage was cheap I could rationalize it and make do, but it's not. I don't think we can find another surrounded by Audobon/Conservation land like this one is and we'll miss the fabulous setting. But life is a balance and we need to find a better one. 

An unexpected upside to work is that my posture is improving. After years of Mom reminding me to stand up straight, I did have good posture  - until I had a child. 3+ years of leaning down to hold her hand, listen to her stories, pick her up and generally incline to her level have left me with a stoop. It's not attractive. But now that I have 8 hrs a day relating to people at my level I am straightening out. It feels good! And with the growing baby belly, it's even more important for back health. 

Another random, wonderful thing in our life is that I made tiramisu the other night. I wasn't too excited about it - I like tiramisu, but am not insane for it. And putting it together I just didn't see how it was going to be that great. Natty and I tried the ladyfingers and they weren't very yummy, the marscapone has a fabulous mouth feel but not a dessert flavor, and the coffee, egg whites and sugar didn't seem like they could pull it all together. But I went ahead and did the whole thing (including whipping the cream and egg whites by hand - not as hard as it sounds) and layered it, stuck it in the fridge for the 24 hrs and served some last night. Oh. My. Goodness. Amazingly good - just shocking. The sum is much, much greater than the parts. I went on to eat some for breakfast and more for an after work snack. It's a dessert that's worth making at home. Go on - make it. You'll be glad you did. 

Parenthood continues to keep us on our toes (pulling our hair out?). Natty is excited to have her cousins come to Marmee and Poppa's this weekend. We might be planting daffodils if the weather cooperates - whatever we do it will be fun to celebrate Lindsey, Phoebe and SooJin's birthdays with everyone.

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