Thursday, September 9, 2010

Procrastination, that thorn in my side

Here's what it got me... I lost my London blog (sob).

We had it on an account we let lapse (we meant to keep it up, but it was a low priority). And I wasn't to fussed about it because I assumed that everything on the Internet is there for all of eternity (which is why you shouldn't post incriminating photos of yourself - right?). Turns out that's not the case. (bigger sob).

It's gone, all gone.

It was our travelogue of our sabbatical - it was sporadic and loopy - it was my journal of a very special time. And I didn't even print out one page of it!

If any of you printed any of it out (Mom?) could I please, please, please have a copy?

I'll be fine. We still have photographs and memories.

But my memory is terrible and getting worse every day so that's cold comfort.

I know I'll be fine. My house burned down when I was 13 - that kind of prepares you for stuff like this.

It still sucks!

I'll sleep on it and be (mostly) over it in the morning.


  1. You and I both have always struggled that way. I hate when the bite of consequences really hurt. I hope friends come forward with prints and help.

    p.s. I loved your previous post.

  2. Kristen - You've seen my procrastination at it's height perhaps! No one procrastinates like a college freshman.