Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Gardening: the front gardens

The previous owners of our house - and the owners before them - were great gardeners. The front beds are full of perennials; some of them quite old. We were told by many Pomfret neighbors how special those front gardens are which does put some pressure on me to keep them from dying. (this is not ideal for a person who finds houseplants stressful: the longer they live the longer I have to worry about them dying. The alternative is illustrated in the case of the gardenia plant that keeled over a week after I brought it home. Case closed. I have no idea what I did wrong but at least I only had to worry about it for a week). 
Black thumb aside, I have high hopes for these established gardens. Surely they are tougher than me. This year I had the beds mulched first thing in the spring and I'm just watching to see what grows. (I did plant some Ranunculus in one bare patch - I had to mess with it somehow).
So, I've been excited to see what would come up as spring progressed and so far it has been great fun - full of anticipation and happy surprises. 
Here are some pictures of what is blooming right now. I'll keep you posted as more pop up. 


P.S. The poison ivy is essentially healed. It started improving the day after I wrote my "I'm miserable" blog. I guess the blog was very cathartic. Thanks for all the sympathy!

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  1. That iris is absolutely beautiful!!! I wish I could get those bearded ones to grow, but they don't seem to like winter much!!
    It all looks good... and perennials are forgiving, and as long as you keep the weeds down your neighbours should be happy with your accomplishments! :)