Tuesday, May 25, 2010

From the ground up

I refer to myself as "an aspiring gardener" but those aspirational days are behind me: I'm bona fide. The raised beds are made, filled with dirt and planted. The fence needs some help yet, but that will come. Here's some photos of the project:

Natty was right in there, every step of the way (except for the actual construction of the bed frames). We had a lot of fun gardening together, although she does get hot frequently and, as befits a true drama queen, has to go inside to cool down. "whew!" She says.

While she's been helpful with the garden, her heart is elsewhere. She has a "Lab" in the barn where she keeps her potions, rocks and inventions. (Like her robot dog). She has a few inventions and way more ideas. For instance: a walking back scratcher. Even though she's explained that one to me multiple times, I'm still not sure I understand it. But jump back world! Natty's going to shake things up.

Speaking of the barn - I made a call to our absentee barn whisperer and he's back on the job - Woohoo! the treacherous trenches are being filled in and the huge supports are being taken down. It's looking like the building we fell in love with again. Ironically, there are also 2 guys reroofing the front porch (it was rotten) and a  carpenter building a railing for the barn loft. Somehow they all converged on this week to do the work. Amazing. Loud. Chaotic. and Wonderful that all this is getting done. 

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  1. Hey Jen! Your garden looks great, as do the perennials you posted about earlier! I tried and failed to comment on your poison ivy story, yuck! I'm glad it got better after that, and I'm glad I've never gotten into it, miserably indeed! You have so much going on there, so exciting to be getting things fixed.
    Keep posting, I love reading it!