Sunday, January 17, 2010

It's so cool...

to get glimpses of what Natty is learning at school and other places. Yesterday on a walk she said, "Look, mom, a hawk!" and sure enough, there wheeling above us was a hawk. Well spotted Natty! She goes to the Audubon once a week where they take walks and learn outdoorsy stuff (like: don't touch hairy vines! They're poison ivy). It's nice to have someone besides us spend time with her outdoors - reinforces her enjoyment of nature. I assume they identified hawks to her there - I mean, we do too! But I think it often is "just Mom and Dad talking" when we get all excited about, say, little birds chasing a hawk and stop to watch the drama unfold. However she's getting the information, it's great to see her enjoy using it.

Today we celebrated Marmee's birthday. We went to a lovely restaurant/winery then back to the house for one of Lindsey's amazing cakes. It was great fun - she was just expecting lunch with Murray and our family, but instead the whole family was there.

My Murray wrote a funny poem and we gave her a skydiving jump a la Bush Sr which got a good laugh. (it's a joke. Our real present hadn't arrived in the mail yet so we had to do something).

Oh! I'm helping to teach Sunday School. I feel very virtuous about it - surely it's no big deal for someone who actually likes children. But for me, a person who is overwhelmed by her own 2, it's a huge deal to willingly step into a room with many of the little critters. (Especially since I do so love sitting still and quiet in the church service. It's like a mini-spa, only for my heart, not my body. Hmmm, on second thought, it's even good for my body - almost an hour without picking someone up, getting jerked down to the floor or having someone climb (literally) me). And so far, so good. We're 2 weeks in - I've got another 3 weeks to go for this section. The children's program at our church is wonderful and I'm happy to contribute so that it can keep on doing it's good work.

That's all the news that fit to print.

By the way, if anyone reading this wants more of a particular topic in our lives, let me know. I'll (probably) be happy to oblige.


  1. jen -- sam tells me you've been forced to read my blog - so i should let you know i've been reading yours for awhile. - your pictures are gorgeous - the heading photo especially. - i also really love the one of sam in his little knit hat sledding on your back! hello to all up there. stay warm

  2. As always Jen, I love to hear your voice in your blog. I always respond mentally to your posts (though not always in print). Miss you.