Saturday, January 9, 2010

Happy New Year

I'm thumbs up on 2010 so far.

We had a great time in Vermont - Lelia got to come with us and Natty wanted to stay there forever. Something about the cool big kids, hilarious games, cutting edge drama and fun friends made the weekend her version of heaven.  We skied, sledded, ice skated and built snow forts. Oh, and talked, ate, drank, watched movies and read. Here's some documentation:

Home after a fun day sledding

Watching The Play (a strong New Years tradition), put on by Sage, Sierra, Sara and Luke

 Ice skating!

Both children are sledding with me in this action shot -
 here's Sam....

One of my amazing friends is calling 2010 "The Year of Change" and while it's truly her YOC, I'm going to tap into a bit of that energy and enjoy what the new year has to offer.

There have already been some positive changes: I've partnered with a friend to swap babysitting/running a few days a week. This harkens back to Cordova days when my dear friend Julie, who is very organized and reliable, talked me into doing the same thing. Knowing that she was counting on me made me go to her house and run even when I really, really didn't feel like it. And it was always the right thing to do. Now I'm using her good influence to affect a similar positive situation.

Murray and I went out for dinner, just us, tonight. Cheaper and more fun than marriage counseling.

I found out that hot chocolate and Baileys knocks me out. Especially after working half the night. I don't know if this qualifies as "positive" or "a change" but it sure was funny! I was soooo tired the other day after a early (3 am) morning shift and, intending to use the fresh air to wake me up, rallied the kids to get outside for a walk with a bribe of hot chocolate when we came in . And, honestly, I don't like hot chocolate. Too sweet. But hot chocolate with Baileys? Worth a try. (It was 3 pm, after all).
Well, well, well - it was yummy enough that I drank it up. And immediately started falling asleep, standing up in the kitchen. I was able to turn on a movie for Natty and put Sam in his crib before I crawled into bed, fully dressed. Sam stood in his crib at the foot of our bed and whirred and chirped at me for about an hour until I woke up. (he's in the R2D2 phase of communication - it's cute if incomprehensible). Lesson learned.

I'm sure the new year will bring many more lessons - here's hoping your life lessons of 2010 are good ones.

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