Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Return to cyberspace

We got our internet back today! Woohoo! I'm up late on an internet binge. It's been somewhat good to have it out of the house, but I do have a long list of things to look up (how to strip wallpaper, products to relieve poison ivy, etc). Tonight, however, like a drunken sailor on shore leave, I'm not doing anything productive - just reading my favorite blogs, checking out facebook and shopping on ebay! I need to go to bed before I buy something. 

Our new house continues to rule my life. Thankfully we're past the panic level of chaos and into the simply messy and annoying chaos. Every day we chip away at it. Someday we'll have it put together, but no one should hold their breath for that day.

On a more important note, the NYT Magazine on Sunday was amazing. It was dedicated to women around the world - an issue that's very dear to my heart - and the headline story was written by Nicholas Kristoff (journalist who has consistently brought attention to the tragedy in Darfur and other painful, "I'd like to ignore it" issues) and his wife, Sheryl WuDunn (who I don't know much about but plan to find out about - hurrah for the internet!). It puts niggling issues like "should I get a neutral or red rug for the living room?" into perspective.

Now, for humor, here's a classic Natalie story: Friday morning, I come home from work 10 minutes before she goes to the bus stop to find Murray cracking up at a stormy looking little kindergartener. I guess I just missed her wailing, "School gets more and more boring every day! It is so boring I am not going to wear my colorful dresses to school any more. I am only going to wear black." 
That is the ultimate insult in Natalie's world. You can't get worse than black. I hope we don't have 13 years of mornings like this ahead of us!

That's all for tonight. If anyone still reads this blog I'll have more for you later.


  1. I still read it! Looking forward to more Natalie and Sam updates as well as pictures from the new house. Can't wait to visit you guys- some day soon I hope, and, fingers crossed, we won't bring the laptop robbers with us...

  2. Hey Jen,

    This is the ONLY blog I read.
    Thanks for posting!