Friday, September 18, 2009


The front porch

Here's the problem with the pictures: I don't have many. I think about taking them, then I forget and then I don't have them. Ooops. But here's what I have from "before." I took these to fill some holes from the listing photos on one of our walk-throughs, so they're not sweeping, but they are a little something (until you come to visit!)

This is the library - Murray is sitting there as I write this. We'll probably keep the red for the forseeable future.

The formal living room. This photo is towards the library. Doesn't do the room justice. Did I mention the previous owners were artists and the walls were packed with art when they lived here? They had some lovely stuff - which is all gone now.

A length-wise shot of the kitchen. The far end is the "family room" (added on in 2003) where we spend a lot of time. I'd like Craig to work his magic with an idea I have to renovate the kitchen and, among other goals, make it more family friendly.

I want to contact the real estate people and get the listing photos (including one of the Yellow dining room) so if that happens I'll post them.

Tomorrow (or the next day....) I'll go through and take some present day photos and post them. That will be fun. You'll get to see my little models too!

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  1. yay! thanks!! can't wait to see the place in person. thanksgiving or before!