Saturday, October 25, 2008

Quotable quotes

These are from Natty:
One afternoon, chatting about princess headgear, and who wears what, she and I disagreed about what Snow White wore. Her definitive answer, "I don't know much about 'dult things, but I know about princesses...... And ponies."  

Godmothers versus Fairy Godmothers: "Mom, is Auntie Sharyl my godmother?" 
"Then can she do magic like Cinderella's godmother?"
"Cinderella's godmother was a Fairy godmother. Fairy godmothers do magic."
(Lucky Natty, I think Sharyl is as close to a fairy godmother as a girl can get in this world.)

Another evening when Murray and I had been parental and she was upstairs in timeout, we heard her fuming away, thinking of the worst things she could, "I wish Mommy was a BOY, not a girl anymore. And Daddy will NOT be a boy, he will turn into a girl." The typed words don't recall the feeling that the 3 yr old voice carried, but it was intense.

Then there's the philosophical times. One day she was trying to figure out reality versus stories. I explained that stories are imaginary. Her comment "What if we are all in somebody's imagination?" 

I don't record enough of these, but that's a taste. Oh, and she wants to name the baby Tom. I don't know why that's the winning name, but it's been the consistent front runner for a few weeks. 

Tonight we had a pre-Halloween party with the Boston Buttners and Auntie Jenny. We had a parakeet (Khai), a Korean princess (Soo Jin) and a bride (Natty). They were all so cute and had a great time playing. Natty is into Go Fish and Khai brought some maturity and discipline to the game that Murray and I don't have when we play with her. 

I'm still working on the photos, but I better get it up and going by Halloween. She's the cutest bride ever, in a wedding gown that was Emmeline's when she was this age. Marmee found it at her house and Natty latched right onto it. Add the tiara/veil, flowers and white gloves, she's a vision in tulle.


  1. That's so funny :)
    --we use free rice at school; the kids long on. It's cool!

  2. Tom is my brother's name. Natty has excellent taste!