Tuesday, October 7, 2008


Here's an update on our housing situation. I joked about Murray finding us a house, and he did set up an appointment with the agent that we're working with on last Saturday. Unfortunately (fortunately? because it shows I've done my research well) I recognized almost everything she showed us and had driven by most of them. So now we know where we're starting from. Lots of houses for sale at a good price, none that meet our criteria. At the moment we're trying to go slow with a purchase anyway so it doesn't make sense to snap up something we only partially like when we still need to see how the area fits us/we fit the area. 

But the quip about Murray did come true. He had put cards in the mailbox of 3 houses in a location we like which weren't for sale. We didn't think we'd hear anything but nothing ventured, nothing gained. 

What do you know, Monday morning we got a call from an agent that the person that lived in one of them had passed away and her family had given her our number to call. That Murray and his crazy ideas!  

The house isn't ready to show yet - we know for sure it will need some work. But since we don't have anything else on the short list we're happy to hang out and see what transpires.  We feel slightly weird about it - our potential good fortune at another's misfortune and all. 

The whole story is proof that Murray and his unorthodox ideas succeed where my plodding research just got me frustration. 

Since we've received our stuff I'm coping better with the cottage so we have time to watch and wait. One never knows what is coming down the pike, but it's bound to be interesting.

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  1. Hi Jen - just so you know I am up with your blogs ! So it is Oct 15th. Did you get my email after SERVS? Hope to catch up with you soon...
    Love, Mom