Saturday, March 19, 2011

The world as we know it

World events these days are momentous and an update on the Buttner family adventures seems inconsequential, but Ruth Reichl's post on the tsunami, revolutions, etc was thoughtful and rather inspiring to me.

Our assistance to the situation in Japan consists of donating money. Which seems so trivial and yet is something we can do that will help those in need. I also have a renewed gratitude for our many blessings - running water (hot! even), electricity, a home and the safety of my loved ones.

In light of my luck and my blessings, I am reminded of one of my life mantras - "to whom much is given, much is required." I am constantly aware of how much I have been given. In this world where most people are struggling to provide food, shelter and safety for themselves and their children, I am putting money away for their college and planning a kitchen remodel. It's humbling. And galvanizing.

Since I'm running these days, I've entered a fun run to raise money for the Women in the Congo through Women to Women International. They help women all over the world, but this run is specifically for a recovery center/ technical school for survivors of sexual violence in the Congo. You can help them too! If you can't come to Hamden Connecticut to run with me on April 23,  you can sponser me for it. Email me and I'll sort it out for you. I'll update the blog as I get the online fundraising up and running. Technical difficulties right now.

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