Sunday, December 19, 2010

Going, going, gone!

2010, that is. And, of course, it's not gone yet, but the way time has been flying by, it will be gone by the time I get this posted.

Lots of exciting things are happening.

First, Teal and her kids are visiting. We're having a ball (no big surprise there! But we miss Lelia). The girls love each other/hate each other/melt down/change clothes multiple times a day. The big boy is patient with his little cousin and plays knee hockey for hours everyday. The little boy loves his big cousin and "hockey baaaaall". He's happy and funny and cute. Such a little Mini-Murray! See Teal's fb page for excellent pictures of the fun.

In addition, we're in a frenzy trying to get Murray's practice up and running by January 3rd. There's a lot of details to sort - administrative, billing, supplies, as well as getting the actual location set up. And since Murray is still working full time, he's stretched pretty thin. Teal has been invaluable helping me get things sorted. Check out his site:

I don't have Christmas cards out yet. Maybe won't get them out this year. Easter cards, anyone? But I do have all but one of the Christmas packages in the mail. Whew!

With the practice engulfing us, I was not feeling the Christmas spirit but decorating our tree has turned things around. It's the silliest looking tree ever - as we were out cutting it Murray was looking for "a really small one...not too full" and only after we pulled it out of the bushes did we see how truly lopsided it was.  If I'd had more time/energy I'd have gone out and gotten a second one, but since I'm short on both we just decorated what we had and it turned out fantastic.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all from the Buttners!

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