Saturday, July 24, 2010

Mystic in the rain

'Twas a wet and miserable day - we were all going stir crazy and decided to go to the coast. An afternoon at Mystic Seaport was just the ticket for the rainy day blues. We think rain and boats go together like peanut butter and jam, so the weather didn't deter us. Not to mention we started going to Mystic in the dead of winter when it was freezing cold and very few exhibits were open which makes Mystic in the summer seem action packed even on a rainy day.

We also took a detour on the way down to visit a big Habitat for Humanity ReStore shop....we're getting a bit closer to the kitchen renovation project and I like to check out all interesting options. The kids were patient - and we got Natty a fun game which made it worthwhile to her.

Mudpuddle joy for Sam! I think this is his first real mudpuddle experience. Note to Mom: Buy galoshes for him.  He loved it. He's actually dancing in it in this photo. He could've stayed here all day, but there was more fun to be had.

We watched a play - and then Natty got to participate! She was The Rain in a storm.
Hilarious incident with Natty when we were looking for a dinner spot:  a cool looking women's clothing store caught my eye, and I turned the stroller to go in. Natty stopped me though, "Mom, you have plenty of clothes, you don't need any more. We're very blessed. Come on, lets find dinner." What a dose of my own medicine. 

We had dinner in Mystic town, dessert at the Drawbridge Ice Cream Shop and drove home in a thunderstorm. Sam was exhausted and slept soundly in the car as soon as I handed him Lambie. A great day out - Hurrah for fabulous interactive museums.