Thursday, February 18, 2010

The highlights of the day

My friend AnnElyse from ECHO days is here visiting - it's so fun catching up. We lived together (with up to 7 other women depending on who was visiting) in a tiny cinderblock house in FL. That was a bonding experience. She's wonderful with kids; Natty talks non-stop to her and she is oh-so-gracious about it! They made a snowlady in the backyard today. And we started on a candle-making project. Thankfully AE has made candles before and she's very crafty, so it was fun. I didn't get enough wax though, so back to Michaels tomorrow (on our way to Mystic Seaport).

Natty changed her favorite color yesterday. It is now yellow. (This is big, folks)

Sam has a cold. I hover and fret when the kids are sick - and thank God they are such healthy critters. (I try to do that anyway, but when they do get sick it's a good reminder). He's coughing, congested and miserable. He slept most the day today which was helpful - there was a glimmer of my cheeky monkey this evening. Hopefully he'll have a good nights sleep (therefore so will Murray and I - we've missed our solid zzzz's).

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  1. Yellow! That is big news. Emma has changed hers from pink to red. Her wardrobe still reflects her orig fave shade though.